Resources is a glorified list of assets, code, research, and more. The purpose is to conveniently bring together resources for your own education. If you’d like to add something, just do it.

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  • Bryson - Usability testing, user research methods, information architecture, 🐨 climbing trees  
  • Craig - !!WARNING: approach wild Craigs with caution. anything software development, system architecture/thinking, prototyping, github, emotional support, synths and sounds, graphic tees 💯, vegan
  • Dan - statistics, mathy stuff, science, data/math/quantitative models, brewing 🍻, woodworking/shop
  • Edwin - Illustration, information design, visual design, biology/anatomy 💀🥩, literature research methods, go/weiqi/baduk ⚪️⚫️ 
  • Eric - Design from pixels to kitchens, 🏒hockey, random studio questions, sketching, cooking
  • Jen - Design feedback, responsive design, getting studio keys and MBTA pass, tea, crochet, all things 🐈😻
  • Juhan - 💡 design, critique, howz to dooz biz, estonian pancakes, MIT shenanigans
  • Parsuree - 🇹🇭, visual design, concept development, User Interface design, typography, whimsical watercolor, animals, (smelly) food!
  • Pat - 🇨🇵🇨🇦, illustration, animations, brainstorming, storytelling, visual design, anatomy, PattyComics©️
  • Sharon - Typically eager to help, here for: design feedback, a brainstorming pal, scribing practice, or if you want to discuss the future of healthcare, ceramics, contemporary choreography 👯‍♀, ... urban exploration...

Project Mgmt

Tracking Progress

  • Asana - Asana allows you to assign tasks to users, list end dates, categorize the task, and plot progress in various formats including Kan Ban and Calendar.
  • Bandcamp - Basecamp has file storage, task assignment and tracking, schedules, chat and message boards, and more.
  • Github - Github has a Project feature where you can create a Kan Ban to track tasks. When Dropbox isn't an option, Github also great for holding project files as it can track versioning with 2-factor authentication security.

Templates & Surveys


Design Tools

  • Adobe Suite - the standard AfterEffects, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.
  • Interface Design Tools

    • Figma - web based design and prototyping tool that supports collaboration.
    • Sketch - digital design toolkit for constructing screens and comps. Not PC friendly.
    • XD - design, prototype, experience.
  • Oracle - A colorblindness simulator you need!
  • WebAim Contrast Checker - make sure your contrast meets accessibility standards.
  • Zeplin - style guide builder with integrations for Sketch, Figma, and XD.

Design Guides

User Research & Testing Tools

  • Framer Prototyping - prototyping via a split screen of simple coffee script on one side and your digital prototype on the other. Great for slick animations/interactions.
  • Invision Prototyping - simplest prototyping system - upload screens and link together.
  • Optimal Workshop User Research - Optimal workshop costs a hefty monthly fee but provides a fantastic set of tests including Tree Tests, Card Sorting, basic Surveys, and more.
  • Proto.io Prototyping - prototyping tool that’s designer-friendly and high functionality
  • Transcription Service for Recordings - This is helpful for transcribing user interviews to search for further insights.

User Research & Testing Guides


Design Examples and Inspiration


Styling guidelines

This is a comprehensive guide curated by GoInvo to help newcomers to coding learn the ways of the force.

More tools and learning code


Keep Learning

Virtual Bookshelf - all of the books in the GoInvo Library

Past Research on Specific User Groups

  • Alzheimer’s Research - googledoc compiling research about experiencing Alzheimer’s (what’s the diagnosis process like, care, pathology, recent innovation); created by Sharon in preparation for the RIC with Matchstick and Eli Lilly
  • HCI for low-income, low-literate - dropbox folder of research papers by Kathryn Summers, Ph.D


  • Design Conferences

    • MWUX (oct) - UX design
    • UXPA (may) - UX design
    • GET (april) - human biology
    • IxDA (feb) - largest interaction design
    • Data viz summit (sep) - data design and analysis
  • Tech + Design Conferences

    • CHI - human computer interaction
    • FITC - a creativity and innovation conference in Toronto
    • HCI international - human computer interaction
    • Open viz conference - data visualization, information design
    • Poptech - design and technology
    • IEEE vis - science and information visualization
    • Intelligent user interfaces - AI based interface
  • Design + Medicine Conferences

    • Stanford medicine X - academic medical conference
    • HXR - design and medicine
    • Digital health ACM - digital health research
    • IDSA medical design conference - healthcare products
    • TEDMED - health and medicine talks
    • Human factors and ergonomics and healthcare -
    • Mayo transform - medicine + design conference hosted by mayo clinic
  • Tech + Medicine Conferences

    • HIMSS connected health conference - digital health conference
    • Health datapalooza - health data and health policy
    • OHDSI bioIT world - medical informatics
    • Medical informatics world - medical informatics
    • Ihealth clinical informatics - health informatics
    • Boston health IT summit - health informatics
    • Health 2.0 - healthcare tech conference
  • Medicine Conferences

    • APHA - public health
    • Festival of genomics - genetics conference
    • Mayo clinic individualizing medicine conference - precision medicine
    • GET - genomics and society