Before the End

At 75% Completion of the Project

Hi all,
As we discussed today during our meeting, this project will be finishing on Friday, December 18. We will have our final meeting on December 16.
Based on the feedback from today's meeting, here is how we will focus during this last 4 weeks.

* Task 1 discussed at meeting
* Task 2 discussed at meeting
* Task 3 discussed at meeting.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


One Week Before the Project is Complete

Hi all,
We will be posting the final deliverables next Wednesday, and we are available for a wrap-up meeting next week Monday, Tuesday (except 2-3), or Wednesday.

As we have discussed, for the final deliverables, we will be providing:

* Style and functional guidelines in context of the component breakdown
reviewer and submitter workflows
* Final pngs and a link to final PSDs (most likely to large to post)
* Prototype code for the with 3 scenarios we outlined

Let us know your availability for a wrap-up meeting next week. 

Thank you, 

Generally, the deliverables for the project are outlined in the Statement of Work (SOW). Here is the common list of deliverables and formats.

For Design Projects:

For Projects involving Code:

On the Final Day of the Project


Our engagement with ACME ended last week. This week we were finishing up a Web Based User Interface Design Guide for ACME. The design guide is made up of 3 sections – Principles, Process and Examples. 

To close out our engagement, we have included all the final deliverables in a dropbox folder that includes the following:

* Prototypes: The code for the prototypes we developed during the engagement.
* Web Design Guide: The HTML and CSS for the design guide we prepared.
* User Reearch Report: including all of our findings from the user research.
* Product Ecosystem diagram 
* Screen designs which we have delivered throughout the engagement

Thanks and we look forward to working with you again. 

Web-based User Interface Design Guide can be found at: 

Final Deliverables Dropbox folder: 



Tasks for the Team

Tasks for the Lead


We'd like to get your honest feedback on how Invo did for the project.  
Can you fill out this 5 minute survey by tomorrow?  

Today we are wrapping up our latest gig with ACME Corporation.

Reshma, Eric and I started working with ACME at the start of February and we've had 2-3 people working on research, design, prototyping, and production code for most of the time since then. 

In the first part of the engagement, Eric led an effort to help ACME re-envision the future of their platform and identify an approach for a scheduled rollout which will take place over the next 2-3 years. To help validate the design and sell the new vision internally and externally, Ivan and I built a series of prototypes which they are still using today to sell their future to important customers.

Danny and Michael began work on in July on the first set of production code. In addition to executing on the design vision, they have worked with ACME to define the next technology stack(Angular as a client side MVC separated from their API server) that will be used on all their future UI development. They did a good job of involving the UI dev team in the large architectural decisions. Despite the project being understaffed from ACME's side, Michael and Danny were able to deliver a top-notch experience.

Feedback on the new screen from some of ACME's bigger customers has been very positive thus far and the Product team is very excited about what this new screen will provide. Additionally the team we have been working with have universally echoed the sentiment that this project has been one of the smoothest that they have worked on.

Here are links to a few videos of the app on the demo environment. I have also attached some screenshots of the before and after.
[Link 1]
[Link 2]

Congrats to all that have been involved with ACME over the last 8 months.