Begins with a signed Statement of Work (SoW) from the client.


If you haven’t been a part of the sales process for the project then review the SoW and discuss the project with the Sales team to understand the background of the project and client.

Spend 2 hours doing the following research to understand the industry, business, and team:



Create an email listserv for the Invo team working on the project. Format should follow An example is Setup listserv with Google Groups. An admin of the Google Business account will need to set this up. Just ask if you need help.

Add project to StaffPlan. Check if the project already exists in StaffPlan, sometimes we’ll do pre-planning of staff prior to a signed Statement of Work (SoW). Add all team members for the project and their planned hours for the duration of the project. If the client does not exist, then add the client.

Setup Slack channel for the project. Channel name should follow proj-client-name. An example is proj-dataxu.

Setup dropbox for internal team following this structure. Dropbox example.

Two Weeks before Kickoff

Schedule kickoff date(s), times, and location with the client.

Craft the kickoff agenda.

Tuesday, 3p - 5p

* Team intro
* Organizational background
* 3 most important organizational goals
* Review SoW, 5m

Service Overview
* Where Triliant is now, where Triliant wants to go in 6m/1y/5y.
* Where is the Kala software now, where it needs to go in 6m/1y/5y.
* Review survey responses.

Product Vision
* Business objectives for people, for retailers.
* Rules of Kala Citizenship
** Demographics
** Roles and use cases
** What drives becoming a Kala apostle?
* Key screens walkthrough
* If you could communicate a singular message about this project, what would it be?
* How do you want people to react to your product/service? Core values, design principles.
* Competitive landscape.

Wed, 9a - 12:30p, additional time if needed till 2p

Features + Functions
* Basic mapping of key features, workflows
* What's in v.02, v.03
* What's out, identifying constraints
* Concept sketching

* Current service architecture
* v.02 plans, stack

Aesthetics, Loved Experiences
* Examples you love
* Graphic design favorites

Measuring Success
* Buyer, Retailer, business, project success = ?
* In 3 + 6 months, what do we have?
* In 1 + 2 years, where are we?
* Goals, Challenges
* Instrumentation (how are we gathering data, evidence-based design)

Evolve SoW, short term deliverables, next steps
* Next week, next 3 weeks
* Communication, project plan
* How we design together, critiques, meetings
* Feedback loop with customers?

For shorter kickoffs, here’s an abbreviated version:


Company / product background
* Tell us about your company, its history, its structure.
* Tell us about your system, the audience you want to reach and the goals you want to help them achieve.

Product suite
* The ins and outs of the poroduct
* System relationships
* Where to focus efforts in the project

Short and long term goals
* Where you want to be at the end of this project
* Where you want to be five, ten years down the road.

Project overview, vision, design priorities 
* Solidify key priorities for the project. 
* Sketching may be involved.
* Share examples, inspirations, and aspirations.

High level product architecture exercise
* Identify user base, roles and common workflows
* Design priorities for this project
* Key screens/areas in the application
* Define technology used, constraints, requirements.

Schedule of work
* Project roles
* Project schedule
* Logistics, meeting times and places

Send kickoff agenda to the client.

Subject: Kickoff Agenda, <dateTimeKickoff>


Here is our agenda for the project kickoff.
If you have any thoughts or edits, let us know.

Also, we have a survey we'd like you and your team to fill out prior to kickoff. We'll send the details over on <insertDaySent>.




Send client and stakeholders the Kickoff Survey and ask for this to be completed within 2 days. Make sure you’re sending this enough in advance where we’ll have time to review the responses prior to kickoff. Here is an email template to send to the client. At this point, you may not know all the stakeholders, so sending to the client lead and asking to distribute to their team is fine.

Subject: Project Survey


We’d like to hear each person's perspective on the project prior to kickoff and then refine that into a single message during the kickoff.

Can you and your team individually fill out this 7 minute survey by <insertDeadline2businessDaysIdeal>?


One Week before Kickoff

Create Basecamp project. Project name should follow ClientName: ProjectName (ex. DataXu: Forecasting). An admin of Basecamp will need to set this up. Just ask if you need help.


Get familiar with handling invoicing for the project.

Subject: Invoice #<invoiceNumber> Involution Studios / We Create Goodness LLCs


Please see attached Invoice #<invoiceNumber> in the amount of $<invoiceAmount> for <nameOfService - example design consulting> on the <nameOfProject> Project. This is the <currentNumberInvoice> of <totalNumberOfInvoices> invoices you will receive for this project. Payment terms are net 30 days upon receipt of this invoice. 

Please make checks payable to our parent company, We Create Goodness LLC, EIN #<insertEINNumber).